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Essays are an essential part of every stage of studying. We write them in school as soon as we can build a comprehensive sentence. Then we write it to get into college. We spend lots of time thinking about the topic, main idea, form, etc. And then, we finally get into college, we start writing them every day, without any brake. This way, for some students, essay writing becomes a routine; they do it fast and pretty good. Those are lucky ones. For others, essays become a real struggle. They don’t know what to write about, how to do it appropriately and start looking where they can buy cheap essays online.

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However, there is a condition when a student feels overwhelmed but still can make one more attempt to write an essay. If you are one of them, read our guide on how to write a good essay.

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So, though for someone writing an essay is a piece of cake, for others it is every day hard work. To do your job with less stress, first what you need to do is divide it into parts, or simply make a plan.

To write an outstanding college essay you have to make a list like this:

As you can see, when you’ve made a list, it becomes clear that before writing you have to make many other things first. If it sounds for you even more exhausting, then simply buy a research paper now and get the rest you deserved. And if you are motivated, go ahead.

1. Topic

Have you ever noticed how people that don’t have enough knowledge about the topic they are talking about have no arguments? They just talk. They usually use words like “they say”, “more or less”, “probably”. Their speeches are poor and boring. That is because they talk about something they don’t know or don’t like.

Do not make such a mistake. Choose a topic that would be interesting for you. No, it doesn’t depend on the subject. If you are a passionate programmer, you can write about fashion, too. Seek for topics that lay in between. For example, you can write about the style regular programmers prefer and find out why it is so.

Who said an essay has to be all about science? Make writing an essay fun! Use interesting unusual facts; write it from your unique perspective. Be unpredictable. It works.

2. Research

Once you’ve picked a topic you love, things will get easier. Now research won’t be boring. As you will be interested in the topic and want to know more and more.

However, don’t forget to use not only the Internet, but periodicals, books, interviews, etc. Listen to podcasts, watch documental films. Again, make it even more interesting for you, this way a thought “I need help writing a essay for college” won’t bother you for a while.

Check the facts you found. Check them twice. Do not get lazy. If you’ll write an amazing essay but use some fake news, it will vanish all your efforts away. If you’ve decided to make it on your own, be a fighter! Do not give up half way.

3. Thesis

Well, this might be the hardest part of your work. A thesis is the idea of your essay, its major argument, its core. It has to be clear and solid. It has to sound persuasive. Make your point.

What is the goal of your essay? What do you want others to know from it?

At this stage, ask yourself “Do I need help writing a essay for college?” or “Does this topic is interesting enough so I want to write about it on my own?” If the answer to the first question is negative and to the second question is positive, then you’ve got it!

Try to make your thesis as short as possible. This will help you to stick to your topic and not talk about something unrelated.

4. Write

Congratulations! We’ve made it. Now you can start writing.

Stick to your plan; have your thesis written before your eyes. Follow the instructions you’ve prepared earlier. Try to write an essay at first try; do not spend your time on rewriting it. Usually, the first words that came to mind are the most appropriate.

Do not check the thesaurus every time you think your language is poor. The best essays are written in simple language.

Keep your sentences short. Keep your idea clear. Imagine that 5-year-old reads your essay. Write it the way she understands it.

5. Edit

When you’re satisfied with the piece you’ve written, put it away for a little while, and then edit it. It is better if someone will do it for you, but if there is no such person around, do it by yourself.

Try to read it by words, forget about the thesis now. Read it out loud and then backwards. Try to catch all the typos and misspellings. Use online grammar checkers if needed.

Also, even so, you wrote an essay from scratch, use essay writing service no plagiarism checker to find out if it is unique enough. It sounds ridiculous, but sometimes you can use too many idioms, or too trite phrases, so the Google search would show that your essay is stolen from someone else. Do not give your professor even a tiny possibility to say you didn’t work hard enough.

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